Without Stephanie's inspiring nature and guidance I can honestly say I would of never been confident enough to peruse drama. When I met her I had no idea about the artistry behind acting or that I could build a career out of it! But after all her encouragement and exposure to many different areas and styles of the acting industry I am now officially a drama school student at ALRA. Stephanie gave me any support I needed when I decided I wanted to pursue acting and really went the extra mile when it was of no direct benefit to her. I really cannot recommend her highly enough.

Eve Summers, Actor, trained at ALRA

I would definitely recommend working with Stephanie Arsoska as she gave me an amazing confidence and the ability to feel comfortable in front of people no matter how silly you look or feel. Her passion for drama and her love of sharing theatre is clear and inspiring.  Her passion motivated many of our class to do our best and go out and achieve what we want.  

Louise, Drama Pupil

I worked with Stephanie when I was auditioning for a musical theatre course and was looking for a little bit of help with audition prep. Stephanie tailored her help specifically to my needs at the time and got the best work out of me, all in acontrolled, friendly and comfortable environment. We worked together in great detail with the speeches and this really showed in the audition. I am now at a top drama school studying for my degree and I still to this day use techniques that Stephanie introduced to me. I recommend her highly for all your drama needs. 

Euan, Actor, trained at ALRA

Stephanie Arsoska was the one who started me off in drama and showed me that I can actually make a career out of something that I love. She taught me to put my heart and soul into what I do and without her guidance I honestly don’t know where I would be today. Her passion for drama is inspiring and will give you the confidence to try new things and achieve things you wouldn’t have thought possible. She has helped me become who I am and I cannot thank her enough. Thanks to her great support I was accepted on to a course for young actorsat the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and am looking forward to my future in this great industry. I recommend her to anyone who wants a dedicated and motivational teacher and mentor for any drama class.

Niamh, Drama student

Stephanie was an amazing help when I auditioned for the HNC Acting and Performance course at Telford college. She personally picked out two monologues that I never would have found myself and tutored me one to one for my audition. I went in with pieces that were completely different from anything anyone else had and was completely confident thanks to Stephanie's help. From this I was offered a place on the course at the end of my audition that day, something I'm sure wouldn't have happened had I just prepared two pieces on my own. I would definitely recommend Stephanie for anyone looking for one to one or group classes!

Aynsleigh, Actor

I would strongly recommend the expertise of Stephanie Arsoska whether it be for a performance, audition piece or otherwise. After Stephanie had worked with me on my audition speeches, I was offered a place on a college acting course. Not only is she a lovely lady - her teachings are inventive, essential, dynamic and fun! Her passion for the arts is contagious which made such an impression on me, it changed my career path!

Lucy, MMU Acting Student